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During a basketball game in the gym or on the street, players make a lot of jumps, jump-starts, and side lunges. The construction and design features of the basketball shoe are tailored to the specifics of the basic movements and provide maximum protection for the ankle.

Shoes of this type always have an elongated almond-shaped toe - this form can better withstand loads when jumping and running. The body of the sneakers is equipped with a lock on the ankle - for better support of the joint, although here options are possible:

High - high-top sneakers for "heavy" players with large stature have reinforced ankle fixation and advanced cushioning; a mid - universal lightweight sneaker with a firm sole and a simplified ankle lock, optimal for forwards, snipers and attacking defenders, as it provides great maneuverability; 

Low - models for the first and second "numbers", do not have ankle protection, are adapted for jerks, sudden stops, and frequent change of direction.

For parquet, you need sneakers with a soft sole, for asphalt - more rigid. The outsole models offer better traction on the playing surface. A win-win tread pattern for amateur footwear - herringbone.

We have excellent basketball shoes for men that are available from Nike, Reebok, and Adidas many more performance shoes.

SportCard US is an Amazon affiliate online store that offers a wide range of basketball shoes for men and women from well-known sports brands. Models are presented in bright color schemes. In the section, you will find. Each of these properties is extremely important since the athlete must be as comfortable as possible and the risk factor for injury must be minimized: 

sneakers for the primary and intermediate level of training; basketball shoes for the advanced level.

Basketball sneakers: features increased boot height and high lacing protect the ankle from injury;
the high degree of cushioning of the sole allows you to soften the landing when jumping and running;
As a rule, sneakers have special hard inserts on the heel, which also serve to absorb shock loads;

non-slip outsole and special tread patterns allow you to play comfortably on artificial surfaces.

In the Amazon online store, you can order basketball shoes with home delivery. Seasonal discounts and a bonus program allow you to significantly save on purchases.

Through our online store, you can order basketball shoes, each pair of which is designed and adapted specifically for gamers. Thanks to the endless efforts of the leading basketball shoe manufacturers: Nike, Jordan, Under Armor, Adidas, you have the opportunity to enjoy the convenience, practicality and reliability of our products.


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