Frequently asked questions

How soon can you come out to look at my collection?

If you are located in Northern California we can schedule within 3-7 days. If you are located out of the area, it depends on the following factors:
1. How far you are from our HQ in the SF Bay Area 2. How much the collection is worth 3. Urgency of the seller

What basis do you use for pricing?

On cards, we typically pay between 50% - 70% of retail value (book value). On signed (autographed) memorabilia, we typically pay 20% - 60% of retail value as memorabilia tends to be harder to resell. Also, pricing will depend on authentication and grading.

How do we schedule an appointment?

Click on the "Sell a Collection" button located on our homepage which will redirect you to the Bookings Page.

For grading who do you recognize?

We tend to respect all the grading companies, but the mainstay of the collecting world, looks to the following organizations as authorized and honorable graders.