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Max J.

I was looking to find a way to get extra cash and found I sold them a fairly large collection of mid-grade older stuff which gave me some breathing room financially!

Karen P.

I found them through a Google search and sent an email at first. Josh and Craig seemed to be very knowledgeable and patient with me. My late husbands collection was not huge, but it apparently was valuable. Thanks again.

Charlie D.

I have a very unique story in that my cards and memorabilia was stashed away for years. I had put it in binders and more or less forgot about them for 20+ years. My grandson stumbled upon them in the attic, so we chatted about selling them to fund his college education. All worked out great.

Welcome to

Paying Top Dollar for Sports Collections! 

At we are always purchasing entire sports card & memorabilia collections. Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey, we buy them all. We DO NOT "cherry pick" a collection, we typically buy the entire lot. 

In order to set expectations upfront, we want you to understand that we make our money by selling the items throughout our dealer network. With that being said, we pay you upfront in one lump sum and bear the risk of selling. 

Our pricing is extremely fair and based upon multiple factors: 

1. Condition

2. Size of lot 

3. Stars vs. common cards vs. Hall of Famers 

4. How much of the collection is memorabilia vs. actual cards

5. Graded cards vs. raw cards

6. Signed memorabilia and on-card autographs

I sold my entire collection to for $24,350 and Craig actually told me I was under valuing some of my older items. Really honest and forthright team. I actually recommended them to my Facebook Group 

- John D. (Temecula, CA) 



ABOUT US is run by industry experts with over 34+ combined years of experience in the grading and sports collectibles industry. We acquire collections Nationwide and actually book appointments in person. We spend the time to go through each card and or collectible and put in time the collection deserves. We understand that people spent years collecting and sometimes letting it go can be not only emotional but difficult. 

Trust & Loyalty

We are responsive and understand that your time is extremely valuable. We travel for collections that exceed $15,000 in retail value. We conduct business nationwide and in some cases can schedule appointments within the week. 

We build relationships and trust with each and every client. We value friendship and referral business. Our clients never have sellers remorse as they feel they were paid fairly and treated with dignity and respect.