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What Is A Box Break? How Does It Work?

What is a Box Break?

The basic setup of a group break is that multiple people split the cost of a box (or multiple boxes or a case) in the break and then the hits are divided up amongst the people in the break (depending on what sports team that they get)

Group breaks can involve every product from Cup, Topps, Panini, Leaf, Heroes and Prospects, Superlative, Dominion, Chrome, Ultimate, Series 1, O-Pee-Chee and more…..

It is a great alternative to buying a full case or box. For example, a Box of 2017 National Treasures Football can run $540.00 whereas our 4 Box case (value $2,160) box break is $135 per spot for 2 random teams.

How Do Box Breaks Work?

There are 30 people in a box break and 30 teams in the NBA for example. Once each spot is filled and payments are received, we randomize the teams and participants. We then post what team you will receive once the box break starts. You will receive every card from the team you were given.

PayPal or Credit Card is our main form of payment. For every box break we keep a counter on our website to keep track of who has the spots in each break and to keep track of payments.

All box break’s are done live on our main YouTube page and recorded for redundancy and accuracy.

Once the break is over, the cards will be divided up into teams and shipped to the appropriate participants.

Thanks for being here,

The Mancave Breaks Team

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